Sales Accelerator


Sales Process Optimisation

We help you define your sales funnel and sales process in a customer centric way

Product Offering Design

We co-shape your product offering with you to gain competitive advantage in your industry

Sales Teams Synergies

We help you identify touchpoints between your sales teams and your other internal stakeholders to optimise sales actions

Sales KPIs Definition

We help you define the key metrics to be quantified for your sales team based on the industry best practices


We use Sales Cloud an all-in-one sales tool and CRM, built on the Salesforce technology to implement your Sales Strategy. It empowers businesses to manage leads, track progress, and automate sales processes with ease. Empower your sales team to close more deals, faster.

asUgo Technology Sales Packages

We offer accelerators based on experience and pre-built add-ons to reach your ambitions faster.


Sales KPIs Driven Optimisation

We track co-defined key metrics and identify processes and technical improvement potentials

Sales users value coaching

We help your teams understand the added-value of the new platform and adopt it