Transversal Services


asUgo Lab:
Innovation & Prototypes

asUgo’s whole mission is to help you go beyond while staying in the driving seat. We help our clients unleach their innovation potential through our asUgo lab composed of ressources specialised in Design Thinking methodologies. The lab aims at helping you quickly identifying market needs, validating it and developping cheap and fast solutions to allow rapid iterations and accurate solution building. A new mobile app, a new website, a new idea? Accelerate your idea with the asUgo Lab.

Enterprise Architecture

As we’re touching upon your most important business processes and IT, we help you analyse, design, plan and implement enterprise analysis to successfully execute on business strategies. We allow your businesses to structure IT projects and policies to achieve desired business results and to stay on top of industry trends and disruptions using architecture principles and practices.

Business Case/Value case

At asUgo, we reconcile operational efficiency with customer centricity in a data-driven approach, also when managing customer journeys. Building on quantitative evidence, we help leaders build their business case and convince their steering committee with:

Business rationale
Focus on the solution – its fit, complexity & operability
Impacted KPIs and the related scorecard
Key project financials
Risk monitoring

Sprint 0

As we work with agile methodologies, we usually build our projects’ implementation planning in sprints. Our Sprint 0 usually encomprises some of our Think services and deliverables to help us assess your needs in the best way. At the end of a Sprint 0, we provide you with actionable plans in the scope of a “ready to be built” tool implementation.


Project Management

Whether we work on an implementation project with your teams or accompany you in a joint process review and transformation exercise, our project management approach is based on solid foundations to manage the iron constraints of scope, budget, timing and flexibility.

Our project managers will guide your project team in: defining the objectives and building the business case, collecting requirements and expectations, coordinating business and technical resources on the project, controlling timeline and resource allocation, tracking budget and ROI, leading the change management process, planning trainings and knowledge transfer.

Release Management

Developing an application is one thing. Delivering its functionality and making sure that the end user can receive fixes and upgrades with as little user impact as possible over the whole lifespan of the application is another one. Tools, people and processes all enter into this dance.

Sounds challenging? At asUgo, we help you cut through the complexity and help you define and implement the application lifecycle strategy.


Change Management

Transformation involves change: technological change, organisational change and human change. Beyond the delivery of a solution, it is a process where people need to understand the vision, be convinced about the journey and be guided all along. To guide you towards this internal engagement, we can help you shape the right change management approach.

Agile platform evolution

We help you forecast and adapt to your fast changing industry product evolution and enable the evolution of your tool

KPIs Driven Optimisations

At asUgo we continuously evaluate quality and success of our implementation projects based on the predefined strategic KPIs. We track the campaigns performance, processes improvements and the performance of sales and care agents on the tool. Our objective is to build and guide our clients towards a center of excellence.

Handover & Competence Transfer

Helping you grow your technology skills and capabilities is part of the asUgo DNA. We strongly believe that our role is to inspire, guide and onboard your teams.

The Salesforce suite also allows rapid onboarding and continuous learning through user-friendly experience, built-in functionalities and its free open learning platform, Trailhead.

The conjunction of a user-friendly suite and our caring asUgo DNA facilitates the onboarding of your future Champions.