Technology for Business


Technical Architecture

Our architects in house are helping you to structure your Data, Solution, Infrastructure, Security and Network Architecture. We are able to counsell and execute.

DevOps Culture and Delivery

We assess strategicaly the technial state of your company and co shape with you the best plans to insure delivery through strong DEVOps culture and organisation.

Data, Risk & API-led Strategies

We are driving the reflexion about how to best arrange the functional bricks in your internal ecosystem in order to allow safe and efficient incoming and outgoing data flows.

Application Management Lifecycle

We help you organise your team around the ecosystem to be developped and apps to be included in this ecosystem in order to make it grow

AI Value mapping

We help you define use cases in which AI could bring value to your organisation.


API Management Systems

asUgo uses API management technologies such as Mulesoft and Jitterbit to scale up your API based data flows. We enable all application integrations, allowing to move data from one application to another while fitting their different schema.
Your businesses probably has data stored in a variety of locations to get a full picture of your operations. You maybe pull data from all those sources into a data warehouse or data lake and run analytics against it. But nobody wants to build and maintain their own data pipelines.
Fortunately, it’s not necessary to code everything in-house.

asUgo Technology Packages

In order to provide accelerator to its clients, asUgo offers ready-to-use package containing building blocks for implementations. These can be code frameworks or complete user stories designed that just needs a personal touch to perfectly fit in you org.

Salesforce Einstein Implementation 

To bring your advanced business use cases alive, we configure those parts of Salesforce’s AI solution Einstein that will help you most.
We help you unlock insights and value through automated Data Science reports of Einstein Discovery, Analytics or Prediction Builder. We define Next Best Actions, eventually combined with analysis of sentiments, intents or visual information. Or we create AI value for Sales, Service, Marketing…
Your role? Think Big, Start Small, Grow Fast.


Technical handover

To make sure you stay in the driving seat in a technology perspective, we will train you through hands on presentations and exercises on how to use the technical aspects of the salesforce platform.
We will transfer our knowledge about how to create automations by using process builder, workflows, flows, triggers. How to develop a lightning component, code some APEX yoursle and set up API calls to third party systems.